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Tennis Lessons - Take Your Game to a Higher Level


Private lessons are certainly the most popular service provided at Chris Karen's First Service Tennis. Improvement is quick due to the individual attention and student's receive one hour free on the ball machine to practice what has been taught. Chris enjoys teaching group lessons as well but the difference an hour can make in a private lesson setting in terms of quick improvement is certainly rewarding for both the student as well as the coach.



Bring a friend!

Great for couples or friends looking to improve their game simultaneously, semi private lessons are certainly very enjoyable. They generally involve a lot of movement drills as well as tactical and technical advice for both players as a general theme. Players are obviously hitting the ball in different ways, but it is important to be able to find a theme that both players can work on. 



Did you break your strings like I did earlier today? Maybe you found an old racket that has dead strings and needs a restringing. Whatever the reason, racket stringing is another service which is offered at First Service Tennis. Need it the same day? Feel free to ask Chris about his availability as he is very flexible with his time and will try to accomadate your needs. Prices vary depending on the type of string but are quite reasonable.



Involving a minimum of three players, group clinics are also offered. What's best about this environment is that students can practice a lot of game type situations and face a variety of other players in game type drills. This is not to say that technique won't be improved but movement drills are a must. Needless to say group clinics are also very social and give students an opportunity to meet new players. 


Summer camp for juniors is also an extremely big hit. Feel free to inquire. 



Ball machine rental is another option when visiting Chris Karen's First Service Tennis in Seal Beach, California. What's great about the ball machine is the amount of repetition one can get in such a short amount of time.The ball machine is probably what improved Chris' game more than anything else in the world throughout his career and teaching years. Looking to get a workout as well as improve muscle memory? Feel free to rent an hour on the ball machine. 



Whether it is a Singles Round Robin or a King of the Court Doubles Mixer, Chris hosts fun monthly events for students. 


Feel free to check in for an update on upcoming events.


Upcoming Event for February 2016: TBD

"This summer, I had my two daughters (15 & 13) take tennis lessons with Chris, and it has been a great experience for them. They have been playing tennis for 3+ years, and initially took lessons to learn the foundations of ground strokes when they first started. 


Chris is able to take into their current skill levels and efficiently redirect each of my girls towards further development..., taking into consideration that everyone has a different "style" yet should employ a technique that abides to proven methods (as outlined by USPTA)


For me, I am not looking for my girls to get a tennis scholarship, but want them to learn and enjoy this great sport with decent proficiency. Being a competent player is what will motivate them to play and enjoy tennis further in their lives. Also, I believe that just hitting and rallying a tennis ball is like hitting golf balls only at the driving range. Regardless of level, one has to play matches in order to fully appreciate and enjoy the game of tennis to its full. Playing in competition (friendly ones at that) gives motivations and desires to improve and seek to "find" answers.

I believe that winning and losing in competition (in any level) teaches them life skills and how to cope with the disappointments that are sure to come in their lives. Philosophically, the results of winning can be enjoyed by anyone. It is the lessons of "Tough Loss" that really chisels and develops a person's character. I think tennis is a great teacher of such, more so than "team" sports. The individual loss and "walk" is invaluable to learning about oneself.

Overall, this summer was a great experience with Chris. I plan to have my girls play more competitive tennis (one will play for High School), and the lessons with Chris greatly prepared them.

Chris is very knowledgeable about his craft, and has that rare ability to transfer not only the "What and the how" parts of tennis, but the "why" behind what he teaches.

I took this time to write this review as a result of my appreciation to "good teaching", from one teacher to another.  (although a different kind....)

John K.
4th Grade Teacher.

John K., Yelp Reviews

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